AUC rencontre certains de ses membres pour discuter des propositions de nouvelle politique d'adhésion

Held ​​in the twenty-fourth day of Muharram in 1438 AH / Twenty-fifth of October 2016 for a working meeting to discuss the new membership policy of the AUC, where he presented Dr. Saleh al-Musnad director of the AUC technical presentation on the new policy for membership of the AUC, which is based on the new trends of the AUC and examine the reality of the proposal Libraries in the Arab world and industry trends; and how the AUC  continues to serve its members the highest quality standards, Tenby best practices and the latest technology and making it available to members and their libraries.
And the AUC had invited a selected number of its members in the Arab world to participate in the development of new membership policy and provide Mriyatem about Members segments and how members contribute to the AUC support. He briefed members on a draft organic policy ahead of the meeting were discussed politics and opinion around. It was agreed by the participants on the need for the members of the support of the AUC in his self-reliance
And made observations on the value of the proposed policy. It was agreed that the center revisit those accordingly.
I have participated in the meeting include:
· Dr. Adnan al-Sharif - Saudi Arabia
· Dr. Khaled al-Habashi - Tunisia
· Dr. Abdullah Al Shaya - Saudi Arabia
· Dr. Saif Al Jabri - Oman
· Dr. Awad Athamna - Jordan

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