Arabic Union Catalog Center met some of its members to discuss the suggestion of new policy to its membership

A business meeting was held on Muharram 24th, 1438 AH, October 25th, 2016 to discuss the new membership policy of the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC). Dr. Saleh Almusned, Director of the AUC Center, presented technical presentation about the suggestion of a new policy to AUC membership. He clarified that the new policy is based on the new orientations of the AUC, studying the reality of libraries in the Arab World, the orientations of industries, how the AUC can keep serving its members with the ultimate levels of quality, and adopting the best of practices and latest techniques and letting them be available to its members and their libraries.

The AUC Center had invited a selected number of its members in the Arab World to participate in developing the new membership policy, providing their presentation on sections of members, and how they can support the AUC. The AUC members had a look at the draft of the membership policy just before the meeting, and thus this policy had been discussed and expressed. Also, the AUC members agreed on that they must support the AUC by letting it be dependable.

The AUC members showed valuable notices on the suggestion of the new policy. It was agreed that the AUC Center should review this policy upon these notices.

The meeting was attended by:

Dr. dnan Elsharief, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Khaled Elhabashi, Tunisia

Dr. Abdullah Alshayyia, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Saif Aljabri, Oman

Dr. Awadh Othmana, Jordan

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